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about me

I'm an Ottawa-based web developer specializing in PHP, jQuery, WordPress / Drupal, and custom website design (using xHTML, HTML5, CSS 2 and 3). Although my current focus is PHP, I have a growing interest in Java, .NET (C#), and Android app development.

I like development because I find there is a lot of variety; there are usually numerous ways to solve a given problem, and any number of techniques, technologies, or frameworks may prove useful in a given situation. Because web and other programming technologies are continually evolving, us devs are forced to learn new concepts all the time to keep up -- which means my job never gets boring! :)


Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology
Interactive Multimedia Developer
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2009 - 2011

skillset / knowledge

I have knowledge in the following:

Profiency Level - Legend

The below lists use the following colour codes to indicate my familiarity/proficiency with each item.

High Medium Low


  • PHP
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Actionscript 2.0, 3.0
  • SQL
  • C#
  • Java / Android
  • Lingo (Adobe Director)
  • LINQ


  • CodeIgniter MVC PHP Framework
  • Adobe Flex
  • jQuery Mobile

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress (Theme & Plugin Development)
  • Drupal (Theme Development)
  • Joomla (Theme Development)


  • Adobe (CS4/CS5): Flash Builder, Flash Professional, Director, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Wampserver, XAMPP
  • Tortioise SVN, Subclipse
  • FileZilla FTP client
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio 2010


  • MySQL (Tools: phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Tools: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio)
  • PostgreSQL (Tools: pgAdmin)

Operating Systems (Familiarity)

Note: I have beginner knowledge of Linux/Unix bash CLI commands, no significant knowledge of Windows CLI commands. The below colour ranks reflect my familiarity with the OSs' common usage and GUI.

  • Windows (XP, 7)
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint)
  • Mac OSX


Feel free to view my body of work on LinkedIn.


I am currently not accepting new projects, but thank you for your interest!

Email me at wilder@wildertweedale.com
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